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Join the group and have your technology become a reality We are a group of professionals who are focused on the needs of the planet, people, and wildlife. A global consortium consisting of like minds who have combined their skills, technologies, inventions, and farm plans to enhance our planet, restore our people, and protect our right to survive. If you and your group feel the same way, please do join us! Our Group is made up of specialists with experience in: Project Design, Community Structuring, Self Sustained Farm Systems, Job and Housing Creation, Community Supportive, and Enhancing Life Programs, Environmental Restorations, Waste To Renewable Energy, Specialty Crop Growing, and much more.  Be Included! Click Here


Please fill out the form below to send an alert to the Non Profit Founder. You will be introduced, and included in global project plans already happening. We have access to all types of project funding, commercial funding, grants, investments, bonds, and more. If you have a complete plan, we are ready to help! You can also call us @ 516-847-2209 or email us 

Apply For Commercial Funding: New Programs!

A Link for people who need money.


What We Care About...Watch The Kiribati People

Awesome Music by Amata and Slav...Must see photo slide show of Kiribati people, and their Islands. 

Joining With Like Minds For The Good Of The Many

Donating Land To Non Profit Causes

Donate Your Land To Non Profit Causes (Self Sustained Farms)

US Non Profit and Religious group can help!

If you are:
Looking to save your land from Foreclosure or Tax Sale (10 acres and up/or Commercial)
Not Looking To Sell...But wish to Develop into Self Sustained Farm

If You:
Have Land that you can't sell
Have land you wish to Donate to the Non Profit, and Maintain Lifetime Rights to 

Huge Tax Advantages when Donating Property! Call for more details 516-847-2209 



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