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Who's Involved?

Financiers, Realtors, Attorneys, Designers, Strategists, Commercial Specialists, Debt and Credit Specialists, Non Profits, Tax Specialists, Farm Specialists, Scientists, Physicists, Biologists, Engineers, Inventors, Developers, Builders, Investors, Environmentalists, Patent Specialists, International Countries, and Groups. Read More on Global Plan: Click Here

If You Have A New Technology Or Invention:

Join the group and have your technology become a reality We are a group of professionals who are focused on the needs of the planet, people, and wildlife. We are a global consortium consisting of like minds who have combined their skills, technologies, inventions, and farm plans to enhance our planet, restore our people, and protect our right to survive. If you and your group feel the same way, please do join us! Our Group is made up of specialists with experience in: Project Design, Community Structuring, Self Sustained Farm Systems, Job and Housing Creation, Community Supportive, and Enhancing Life Programs, Environmental Restorations, Waste To Renewable Energy, Specialty Crop Growing, and much more.  


Please fill out the form below to send an alert to the Non Profit Founder. You will be introduced, and included in global project plans already happening. We have access to all types of project funding, commercial funding, grants, investments, bonds, and more. If you have a complete plan, we are ready to help!

You can also call us @ 516-847-2209

or email us @ 

 Note: It is recommended an Attorney be retained, with an escrow reserve of 1% of Funding being requested. Please inquire here, call, or email us for further details. New Funding Programs are available.


All Commercial Debt Considered!

Mortgages, Property Liens, Tax Liens, Secured/Unsecured Notes, Business Lines Of Credit, Credit Cards and more.

We average between 20% - 55% Settlements
Fee's are: 15% of what we save you...and the best Part...
Those fees go to Non Profit Causes and are Tax Deductible!
Recent Scenario: $189,000 Bank Of America Business Line Of Credit: Settled for $38,000!

Email/Text/Call DAWN @ 516-847-2209


NOTE: All Clients who wish to engage with the Direct Lending Bond Group, should have ready: Attorney Retained -CPA Letter/Self Empl.. Escrow Acct. set up with a Cost Reserve of 1%.

*Project Funding: $1MM and up no limit: All Projects considered - National/International. Recommended to have attorney, and 1% cost reserve in an escrow acct with same attorney



ETIQUETTE PROTOCOL: We work with Brokers and Realtors Nationwide. When we have conference calls with Direct Lenders, merely listen and take notes. Write down any questions you have, and we will have a separate call, after the Lender call, to answer any questions. Or you email/text them to me directly. or Tex/Call 516-847-2209

PROPER ETIQUETTE: Important to remember
  1. Behavior: Best behavior should be demonstrated when on a conference call with multiple people. This would not be a good time to flush a toilet, have a coughing fit, yell to your friends across the street, drive with the top down, blast the stereo, or anything else that may disturb the call, and speakers. Keep your Phone On MUTE!
  2. Clients: Clients should be viable, and verified to be real. Unprepared Clients/Projects should secure/raise a reserve of at least 1% of their projects/purchase/acquisition/development/international plan/etc.
  3. Commercial Projects: Complete Business Plan, ROI, NOI, P&L, 3-5 Yr. Projections. Etc. (Call for details)
  4. Documents: All Documents should be in place to commence a relationship with the Lender to proceed forward to closing. No piece meal of the package.
  5. Phone Calls: To anyone, including any Lenders we already work with. 1 -3 per week, unless you are returning their/Our call. Call a lender/Business non stop, and you get to experience what invisibility feels like...poof!
  6. Representation: All Clients should have retained counsel. With a Cost Reserve of at least `1% in Attorney Escrow. Proof Of Funds Statement provided by Attorney.
  7. Stacking Order: Executive Summary - Business Plan - Proof Of Funds Statement/With Attorney Escrow - Financials - CPA Letter (Self Employed) - Map of Project/Photos-Aerial Pics - Demographics - 3-5 Year Projections- Market Study, and all other Docs needed for the project(s).
  8. Submission Of Project/Commercial Funding: Confirmation through your Attorney as the project advances. Costs, and fees will be used from the escrow account, with full client control.
Words Of The Day: Traits For Success

Accountable - Adaptable - Assertive - Accessible - Benevolent -  Communicative - Cooperative - Complimentary - Diversified - Driven - Efficient - Familiar - Gracious - Honest - Intelligent - Justified - Knowledgeable - Logical - Motivated - Neat - Organized - Positive - Prepared - Quality Conscious - Respectful - Success Oriented - Self Starter - Team Oriented - Timely - Unified - Versatile - Welcoming - Zealous

Please ask any questions you have once an Executive Summary and Proof of Funds Statement are received. This is the first thing the Lender will ask for. The Principles who are prepared, will close the quickest. Do Not send packages in separate parts, or pieces. Hold all docs until it is complete. We have no way to keep track of incomplete project documents.

Let me know if you want to be included on the conference calls.
Email: or
Call/Text me @516-847-2209


Non Profit is watching out for you!

Cheers! Donate Today! 100% Tax Deductible

D. Sears
Pres./Dir./Rev./Legal Assistant/Commercial Realtor
Business Strategist/Humanitarian

Matriarch Church and  Non Profit Corp.
Debt Settlement Law Firm

Main Office: 516-847-2209
Fax: 516-679-2995

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Watch the Videos Below about new discoveries being made! Awesome News! 

A prominent Italian oncologist explains his view that cancer is fungus and can be easily treated. Fascinating viewing. For more, see Dr. Mercola in the 2 videos below.

Cancer Is A Fungus

Cancer Is A Fungus 2

The Non Profit Sector...Built By A Matriarch...

Founder and Dir. of the Matriarch Religious Group, and US Non Profit Corp. This site was built by D. Sears, of for the purpose of helping people with good projects connect with the necessary funding needed to implement them, and create a better environment. Focused on harmonic balance of life.

♥ 516-847-2209♥

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